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Cyber Monday, Ready?

Is add item to Cart under 3.2 seconds?
The faster and item, the more money the site makes!

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Your Purchased Apps Slow?

Out Of The Box Software
Is written
To produce correct results,
Not Run Fast!

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Are Hosting Fees Too High?

Untuned and Under Tuned
Systems cost more to run.

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3.2 Seconds

This is all you have to
keep a Customer a Customer
Customers will not wait for your site.

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ATG Slow?

The reasons may not be obvious.
We WILL identify why.

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Your License renewal costs

Using Tuning Ace Can help

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Performance Suite

The whole is greater
than the sum of its parts - Aristotle

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Application Response
is a team event

DBAs, architects, developers need to work together
TAPS can help them improve response

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Focused Performance

Focused Performance
Identifying what slowing down your system.

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No more Finger Pointing
Application Response Pointing

We identify items without Judgment
DBAs need to fix this
Developers need to fix this
Together we improve the Application Response Time

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We specialize in improving performance of eCommerce platforms running on Oracle.
Our Goal: Improve performance without spend more on hardware.

Products Tuning Ace technologies analyze and optimize complex enterprise applications and database environments.

TAPS Overview

The Performance Suite

With TAPS you will know about issues that are causing performance issues before the load hits your system. Why wait for the Black Friday load to find the issues. We give you the possibility of finding the solution today.


Application and db analyzer

This analyzer validates application structure and database settings. This is required because the application model has a direct impact on performance of an application and so does the settings of the database.


The database analyzer

This analyzer looks at the database. The analytical engine reviews all of the SQL in the system. Checking SQL plans and other items with the goal of recommending solutions to improve performance.


Designed for load testing

This analyzer is designed to find problems in a load test before production. Simply run this after the load test completes and obtain items that should be reviewed before a production release.

We specialize in targeted performance tuning of database and applications.


Save by identifying what is wrong with both the database setup and application code. By fixing the elements causing performance issues you can significantly improve performance.

At Tuning Ace we like to offer you the possibility of not having to spend extra on database license costs. We like to offer the possibility that your current hardware is sufficiently sized today and to run your applications.


Using our performance suite makes tuning Oracle Standard Edition easy.

Adding nodes to a RAC will slow down your system unless the underlying structure of the database and applications are tuned for RAC. Our Performance Suite identifies what items are known to cause performance issues in the database. Something as small as a mismatch of a foreign key can cause contention waits in Oracle.


Let's face it, website revenue is based on how fast add to cart runs and how quickly orders can be pushed through your systems. Throwing hardware at the system will not increase the response time users see. Proper tuning by Tuning Ace will achieve your goals.

Identifying the issues

  • What is your response time? Website Revenue is based on how fast the user gets a response to adding an item to the shopping cart. ( This should be under 3 seconds ). From the users point of view: How long does it take to add an item to the shopping cart? Does the time vary over the day?- How long is the check out process?
  • Will your systems handle the load on black friday or cyber monday?- How many orders per minute can your process?- Does the fulfillment process slow down the website?- Do you want your ATG website to run faster?
  • Do you think adding nodes or adding CPUs to the system will improve user experience?

Did you know

  • If your site is taking over 3 seconds to respond to the customers, you are loosing customers and revenue.
  • Switching to Oracle RAC can actually slow response time.
  • Adding nodes Oracle RAC can slow response time.
  • Application code changes can slow response time.
  • Bad statistics on one table can slow response time.
  • Even a missing Foreign Key index can cause performance issues

What is slowing down your site? Contact us for a Free Trial.


"... thoroughly optimizing the entire ATG stack and tuned it so well that I wasn't even aware of that such a level of optimization was possible" Kelly G, Chief ATG Architect
"… after adding 3 indexes, download went from 1hr 15 minutes to 3 minutes" B. Hawkins, Sr Mgr IT Commerce
"After setting up our DR site, performance was down, TAPS found the parameters that were causing the issues." Steve P, Director IT Operations