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Products - TA ATG


The TA ATG component of Tuning Ace's Performance Suite (TAPS) is specifically designed for ATG ecommerce sites running on the Oracle database. Giving the possibility of reducing the time it takes to add items to the shopping cart and thereby increasing website revenue and improving all interactions with the database.

The TA - ATG product performs over 120 different checks to the database. This tool check and identifies the solution to what is slowing down your system.

Works on both RAC and Non RAC systems.

Are you tired of the DBAs and Developers blaming each other for Performance issues?

We have the solution, that identifies what the DBAs and Developers need to do to improve system performance ! No more blaming, just the solution to your performance issues without buying more hardware. Our Tuning Suite identifies items that both the DBA and Developers need to fix to optimize your Oracle Website performance.

Want your Website to scream with blazing fast performance?

Then get TAPS

How long does it take to add an item to the Shopping Cart ?

The time it takes to add an item to the shopping cart directly has a DIRECT impact on your site revenue! If it takes more than 3.2 seconds to add an item to the cart you are loosing revenue and more important loosing customers.

We are so confident that we can find a solution, we are offering a free demo.

So before spending more on database licensing fees let TAPS review your system first.

For more info please email us at