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Products - TAPS Overview

TAPS Overview

The Tuning Ace Performance Suite (TAPS) approach is a focused approach to performance tuning. TAPS is a collection of analyzers that review key areas in the Oracle Database that are known to cause performance issues.

The TA Suite helps you find performance bottlenecks today - before they become tomorrow's emergency. Resulting in improved revenue !

The TA Suite has several analyzers that perform analysis with minimum system impact.

The typical DBA today has very little time to perform detail system reviews. Most DBAs are usually busy standing up the next environment and dealing with the current crisis. Unless your website has someone complaining the DBA usually does not spend extra time looking for ways to improve performance.

How Fast is your website? If your website is taking over 3.2 seconds to add an item to the shopping cart you are losing customers. Lost customers mean a loss in revenue. The Solution is to have the system validated and reviewed by the Tuning Ace Performance Suite before the next big load "thing" hits.

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